Nissan Skyline & Fairlady 14-Set 1st~4th Dog Engagement Gearset

PAR Engineering

The Nissan FS5R30A transmission is fitted to a number of performance RWD and 4WD vehicles including the BNR32 and BCNR33 Skyline GTR and non-performance high torque applications in vehicles such as the Patrol/Safari and Pathfinder.

A number of changes have been made throughout the transmission life by Nissan, mainly multiple revisions of the 4th gear synchronizer baulk ring and hub assembly to facilitate better shift feel and minimize grinding under fast shifts. Although the FS5R30A has a very high torque capacity, 3rd gear is the weakest link and tends to fail in vehicles with alot of horsepower and performance clutches.

For the serious race car, we have available a full 1st~4th dog engagement gearset including billet shift forks.

– Tooth profiles that reduce noise, wear and load forces on the standard OEM transmission housing
– Multiple piece layshaft for ease of assembly, strength and ratio changes
– Retension of OEM 5th gear assembly provides OEM NVH levels during cruise and freeway driving
– Straight cut gears (1st~3rd) for maximum power transmission and minimal losses
– Billet shift forks for absolute positive engagement and safety
– Offered as an OPTION. Billet shifter interlock barrel, OE sintered metal barrel fractures from the dog engagement shock loading. $650 AUD
– No extra cost helical gears
– No extra cost custom ratios


– 1st: 3.1
– 2nd: 1.93
– 3rd: 1.31
– 4th: 1.0


– ECR33 GTS-25t
– ER33 GTS
– ENR33 GTS-4
– ER34 25GT-T
– ENR34 25GT-Four- Fairlady/300ZX Z32

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