Platinum Racing Products - Nissan RB Full Pro Series 36 - 2 Trigger Kit Optional CAS bracket, Cam and Crank Trigger Kit

Platinum Racing Products

Our new tried, tested and world time attack open class 1st (Xtreme GTR) and 2nd (Integrated motorsports R34) winning RB 36-2 crank trigger kit is finally available to you now!

This new pro series trigger kit is specifically designed for ultimate in trigger systems with 3 times more data than our current 12 tooth system it results speak for themselves, with flawless resolution.

We set out to create a non-balancer based trigger wheel as balancer casings just wander too much, we had to compromise as it also needed to work with a rather large sensor being the ultimate sensor of choice for our intended application, hence the swept-back sensor mount position design.

The kit is available for purchase as a bottom crank trigger kit only (to be used in conjunction with a or our top trigger kit or mechanical fuel pump kit)

The kit is supplied with the following hardware.

  • Crank kit consists of the following:
  • 1 piece 36-2 trigger wheel and bottom crank gear assembly.
  • MoTeC reluctor (with MoTeC support)
  • Bottom sensor mount
  • All plugs, pins, gauze and heat shrink required.
  • Teflon shielded twin core wire.
  • Bolts and general hardware

Cam trigger kit consist of the following:

  • Top trigger plate
  • Top trigger sensor
  • Stainless cam plate
  • Bolts and hardware Plugs, pins, heat shrink, braid
  • Optional Billet CAS bracket (reduced price)

Please note if you would like Green or Orange or Bronze or Teal, please let us know in the comments in the check out.

************** FOR LINK ECU USER **************

if you have a LINK ECU, on check out can you please let a note in the comments area to inform us that you have an LINK ECU, so we can send out a Link specific Trigger disc


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